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UV Print

High quality printing service in color and white ink, ideal for products with special customization.
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Direct printing (1 to 4 color - with interlacing) on a wide variety of fabrics.


A fast printing process for one or more colors for products with flat surfaces. Used mainly in textile articles such as t-shirts, PVC bags, PP, among others.

Pad Printing

Print process from one to four direct colors on small objects with an angle up to 120 degrees: pens, electronic gadgets, watches, among others. High definition and fine line print accuracy on any material and surface by indirect ink transfer.

Digital Transfer

Printing without a color limit on a transfer, which is applied to the product through pressure and heat, results in printing. Ideal for fabrics to be made or confectioned, such as hats, bags, t-shirts, umbrellas, among others.

Ceramic Transfer

High quality and high strength digital printing technique, ideal for ceramic and glass products.

Serigraphic Transfer

Printing of one or more colors on a transfer, which is applied on the article and through pressure and heat, gets the impression in the article. Sophisticated process with excellent results, identical to silk screen printing. It allows printing on textile, cardboard, polyester, PVC, umbrellas, caps, caps, among others.


Image transfer process for fabrics in polyester, cotton or mesh composition. With this technique it is possible to produce textile products with full printing, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the print (resistant to washes).

Digital Printing

Digital printing is created from the blend of primary colors (CMYK). Economically advantageous for paper solutions, from posters (small and large format), self-adhesive paper and vinyl. Various types of finishes can be combined with single cut / straight cut or with specific cutters, bindings, etc.


We apply a drop of clear resin on a previously printed self-adhesive film (in any format). This process produces a 3D effect with depth and brightness, ideal for pins, labels, badges, among others.

High Frequency

Total printing in any size and format of document holder, cards holder, menus, coolers, among others.


Low-relief logo engraving creates an illusion of 3D in the product. Elegant finish ideal for leather goods where color printing is not possible.


Technique used in the most diverse materials: acrylic, cork, wood, leather, rubber, skin, among others.
- Laser engraving of logo on prestigious products, attributing elegance in personalization.
- Laser cutting, ideal for the production of trophies, paper steps, nameplates, signage, among others.


It allows to embroider with wired / line an image or logo in the most diverse products: t-shirts, caps, shirts, among others.

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